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We are now a proud member of the National Security Screen Association

Defendoor is proud to announce that we are now a member of the National Security Screen Association (NSSA). With Defendoor being a member it means that we hold ourselves to a high standard in the industry through getting its manufacturing and installations audited by a third party. This ensures that all Defendoor products are inline with current legislations and are built to a high quality.

What is the NSSA?

NSSA is a non-for-profit association that works to ensure that products within the Australian security screen industry are safe, secure and of high quality and they accomplish this by partnering up with companies all over the country. They are partnered with over 200 different members of which are all a part of the security screen industry, including, security screen manufacturers, installers and their suppliers.

NSSA’s aim is to provide a number of services to their members to improve their businesses to help them deliver quality products. These services include:

  • Informing members of new developments and improvements relating to installations and products

  • Informing members of any changes in relation to the regulatory requirements within the security screen industry

  • Advocating in terms of compliance, regulations, safety, manufacturing and accreditation issues on behalf of all members

  • Operating a national third party certified accreditation scheme to accredit members who meet Australian Standards and regulatory requirements

Why did we partner with the NSSA?

Defendoor partnered with the NSSA to ensure that all our products meet industry standards and perform to the highest quality possible for our customers. Through being a member we have access to further training and specialised information relating to our products that can further ensure we are up to date with regulatory requirements. We share the same values as NSSA and in this sense we also work to ensure that all products are ethically manufactured and sourced. Being a member has many benefits for us as a company but also for you as consumers. We are now providing another level of quality and safety to provide you with only the best security products.

Knowing that we have partnered with NSSA can allow you to rest assured knowing that our products are safe, secure and of high quality. Check out our range of products today.

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