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Importance Of Maintaining Your Mesh

The constant upkeep of your new Defendoor security door or window is incredibly important. Whether it be a Defendoor Tough, Perf or Low-Vis product all will require maintenance to ensure that they keep defect free and serve you for many years to come. When purchasing a new Defendoor product the security door or window will come with a bottle of Defendoor Supa-Wash concentrate, which is used to maintain your mesh, and keep it clean and in good condition.

The regularity of the maintenance required for your product depends on a couple of factors including your vicinity to bushlands, oceans or industrial areas. These areas carry a lot of airborne contaminants which can affect the integrity of your security door and the longevity of the product. Without following the maintenance schedules outlined with your product you run the risk of mesh deterioration, pitting of the aluminum powder coating and rust affecting the mesh and other hardware installed on your door.

Airborne contaminants that are allowed to build up on the door overtime can cause serious issues to the security door and you can run the risk of voiding your warranty if the product has clear signs of not following the maintenance schedule provided.

The following steps below outline how to correctly maintain the product: 1. In a bucket place 3 capfuls of the Defendoor Supa-Wash to every liter of water.

2. Use a microfiber cloth to apply the Supa-Wash to both the external and internal sides of the mesh.

3. Apply the wash in a circular motion. Please make sure that you apply the wash to the very far edges of the security door frame and wash from the top of the door to the bottom to ensure that you do not bring any contaminants from the bottom of the door to the top of the door.

4. Once the entire mesh of the product has been washed down, do not rinse the mesh. The Supa-Wash concentrate is designed as a treatment for the mesh and will remove any contaminants such as salt, saps or molds from the mesh. Rinsing the product will prevent this process from taking place.

Supa-Wash is a tested concentrate and is not harmful to our mesh products using alternate products that have not been tested for use on Marine Stainless Steels or Aluminum meshes can eat into the powder coating applied to the mesh it is very important to only use the Supa-Wash concentrate to clean your products and only use soft and non abrasive materials to clean down the door.

This maintenance schedule is to be carried out of any of our mesh products including hinged, sliding and window grille products no Defendoor product is exempt from the maintenance schedule. If you happen to run out of the Supa-Wash product you can contact Defendoor to purchase more of the Supa-Wash.

Follow the link to watch our demonstration video on youtube.


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