CycloneSafe™ Roller Shutter

(Protects Property and Families!)

This roller shutter is ideal for home and business owners who want to protect their property and families from cyclones, tropical storms and extreme wind coastal weather conditions. It is made with a precision extruded roller shutter profile.

              Suitable Applications

  • Domestic & Commercial Windows
  • Domestic & Commercial Doorways
  • High Security & Storm Protection for Factories, Warehouses, Mining Sites & Camps, Clubs, Pubs & Hotels, Restaurants, Pharmacies, Sports Complexes, Arcades, Shopping Mall Entrances & High Security Areas

Features & Benefits:

  • Protects against cyclones and high wind areas


Construction & Specs

  • Cyclone rated up to C4 T5
  • Tested by James Cook University
  • Complies with AS/NZS 1170.2 2011 Cyclone Standard
  • Cyclic loading in accordance with AS 4040.3
  • Fatigue Loading Sequence and design pressure tested in accordance with AS 4055
  • Can be used in all Aus cyclone regions including Cyclone Region C & D C4 at 1500mm
  • Range of colours
  • Heavy duty steel axel with high quality internal sealed bearings
  • Suitable for widths up to 2400mm
  • Can be manually operated or motorised
  • Authentication Plate fitted
  • Made in Australia.


  • Manual Controls
  • 12v Controls – PowerSmart & SolarSmart
  • 240v Controls – Hardwired Switch & Remote Control W Manual Override


CycloneSafe™ Roller Shutter

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