Custom made to exact specifications and fitted by our licenced and trained staff

The 7 mm Diamond hinge door is perfect for those requiring a visual deterrent and well finish look; available in 18 standard frame and grille colours, with four lock colour options.

The 7 mm Diamond hinged screen door includes an Austral Elegance single deadlock with internal snib locking for fast key less exit, two keys and 12 month warranty, or the option to upgrade to a triple locking system. 

The triple locking system, much like the single lock system features an internal deadlocking snib for fast key less exit and two keys, in addition the snib locks centre, top and bottom lock tongues for added security.

Two heavy duty steel hinges are fitted to the frame.

The 7 mm Diamond grille is riveted to the frame and backed with fibreglass gauze; the option for pet resistant or midge mesh is also available.

In addition pet doors can be fitted without compromising the stability of the door.


  • Available in 18 colours
  • Frame size: 20mm x 70mm
  • Single deadlock: two keys and internal snib
  • 12 month Lock warranty
  • Locks and hinges available in Black, Paperbark, White and Primrose


  • Available in 18 colours
  • 7mm Diamond Grille constructed from aluminium

7mm Diamond

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Product: 7mm Diamond

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